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Statement of Purpose


The Underpinning Elements

A series of themes both cut across and underpin the aims we have relating to the rights of residents and quality care:-

Focus on service users

Everything we do is driven by the needs, abilities and aspirations of our residents. We will ensure that the facilities, resources, policies, activities and services of the home remain resident-led.

Fitness for purpose

We are committed to achieving our stated aims and objectives and we welcome the scrutiny of our service users and their representatives.


We aim to provide a total range of care to meet the overall personal and health care needs and preferences of our residents.

Meeting assessed needs

The care we provide is based on the thorough assessment of needs and the systematic and continuous planning of care for each resident.

Quality services

We are aiming for a progressive improvement in the standards of training at all levels of our staff and management.

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Residents’ Rights

We place the rights of residents at the forefront of our philosophy of care. We seek to advance these rights in all aspects of the environment and the services we provide and to encourage our residents to exercise their rights to the full:-


Life in a communal setting and the need to accept help with personal tasks are inherently invasive of a resident’s ability to enjoy the pleasure of being alone and undisturbed.


Disabilities quickly undermine dignity, so we try to preserve respect for our service users’ intrinsic value.


We regard it as all the more important to foster their opportunities to think and act without reference to another person.


We aim to provide a secure environment and structure of support, especially in protecting residents from all forms of abuse and from all possible abusers.

Civil rights

We work to maintain our service users’ place in society as fully participating and benefiting citizens.


We aim to help service users exercise the opportunity to select from a range of options in all aspects of their lives, including providing meals which enable residents as far as possible to decide for themselves where, when, and with whom they consume food and drink of their choice.


We want to help residents realise personal aspirations and abilities in all aspects of their lives.

Choice of home

Every prospective resident should have the opportunity to choose a home which suits their needs and abilities.

Personal and health care

We draw on expert professional guidelines for the services the home provides.


We aim to provide a lifestyle for residents that satisfies their social, cultural, religious and recreational interests and needs.

Concerns, complaints and protection

Despite everything that we do to provide a secure environment, we know that residents may become dissatisfied from time to time. We address this by providing a simple, clear and accessible complaints procedure.



The Environment

The physical environment of the home is designed for residents’ convenience and comfort:-


We are aware that the home’s staff will always play a very important role in residents’ welfare. We will employ staff in sufficient numbers and with the relevant mix of skills to meet residents’ needs.

Management and administration

We know that the leadership of the home is critical to all its operations. To provide leadership of the quality required, we will ensure the manager is qualified, competent and experienced for the task.

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