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We aim to personalise activities as much as possible – everyone likes a sing-a-long, but not everyone enjoys dominoes. Once a resident has settled we gain a better understanding of their likes and dislikes. Appropriate activities are then scheduled for that resident, or for a small group of like-minded residents.

Activities are overseen by the Activities Coordinator but are mostly carried out by the staff who are closest to the residents.

The types of activities we carry out are:​

  • Armchair Aerobics

  • Drawing, Painting, Arts and Crafts

  • Bingo 

  • Film Afternoon/Evenings

  • Afternoon Tea Dances

  • Garden Parties & BBQ's

  • Visits to the local park

  • Luncheon Trips

  • Music for Health

  • Jigsaw puzzlesCrossword puzzles, Word searches 

  • Ball games


Every two weeks we have armchair aerobics, and Music For Health once a month. These programs encourage resident participation and cheer up both residents and staff.

Our hairdresser visits every two weeks and getting a perm or simply a cut is a “highlight” for many of the ladies. A barber visits every 6-8 weeks for the gentlemen.

Volunteers are encouraged to work with the home and the residents. Find out about Volunteering.



We offer placements for students who are studying social care; these students come to work in Mayfield on a volunteer basis and spend time understanding resident needs, compiling life histories and providing conversation and entertainment. This is a rewarding experience that brings the younger community closer to the older community.



Many of our residents want to keep up their spiritual beliefs. The home encourages the clergy to visit the home as often as they can – mass is taken every Friday for those who want to participate.

The local Church of England, St. John the Divine, also volunteers to visit the home and talk to residents. John and Diane have been visiting the home for several years. They talk to each resident and provide social company for those residents who may not receive many visitors. Mayfield welcomes residents of all faiths and we will accommodate any spiritual needs you may have.


Age Concern

Age Concern runs a “Talk Easy” program. Volunteers come into the home and encourage residents to reminisce and chat.

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